GRM-92: GBGP Software Deliverable

The Ground-Based GNSS Package (GBGP) is a collection of software (provided as source code in Fortran-95), supporting build scripts, data files and documentation. Its principal purpose is to encode E-GVAP 'COST-format' files to WMO-standard BUFR format for dissemination to NWP users locally or globally via the GTS. The package also contains several pre-conversion tools to convert other formats, such as netCDF and CSV, to COST-format prior to BUFR encoding. Support for quality control against an SQL database of GNSS station meta-data is also included. The current GBGP software version is GBGP-1.0.

Users wishing to obtain the GBGP code will need to first register via the registration page and agree to the terms and conditions of the software licence. There is no charge for the package. Registered users should login and access the GBGP package from the download page.

As well as using the GBGP application tools, users may wish to integrate a subset of GBGP code into their own software applications, individually linking subroutines, modules or the GBGP object library, for instance to create their own_format-to-COST pre-converter, or to use the provided GBGP COST-format API to analyse E-GVAP data in bulk.

GBGP documents

Before downloading the package it is recommended that users refer to the GBGP Release Notes. The GBGP User Guide document provides further information on each of the software modules.

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